Baby boomers are known for finding ways to make their lives easier, and when it comes to technology, they’re no different. They don’t see technology as a way to waste time, which is a popular way that technology is used among younger generations; instead, they find ways technology can save them time and make life better. Though there’s something nice about using technology to pass the time, it isn’t usually their first choice.

Boomers use a variety of smart devices, like smartphones and voice-activated technology, to do this like navigation, shopping, and reading the news. Though some members of the generation took time to adapt, many of them have more resources available than other generations, so they are embracing, purchasing, and using tech at quicker rates than others.

Growth of the Senior Tech Industry

Senior tech is one of the fastest growing sectors of the technology industry and is increasing extremely rapidly. There are a variety of reasons why this is the case. People are living longer and longer lives, so there’s more seniors consuming technology now than ever; according to the Demographics Research Group, there will be 54 million seniors by the end of 2023.

Baby boomers are also one of the most wealthy generations of all time; they have more spending power than any generation before them, and those who have not retired are earning high incomes since they are in higher ranking positions in their career than other generations.

Also, technology designed for baby boomers is growing as technology becomes more and more advanced and user-friendly. Tech makes senior lives easier, but it can also make their lives safer. One piece of tech that makes senior lives better in both ways is the smartphone, which is being adopted quickly by the baby boomer generation. 

Smartphones and GPS

The majority of baby boomers use smartphones for tons of different reasons. For one, smartphones are much more convenient than flip phones in the fact that the size of the text can be enlarged instantly, making it much easier for people to browse the internet or send text messages, especially for those who have trouble seeing small screens.

Smartphones also have protections built in that make the user safer; for example, to call for emergency help on an iPhone, all you need to do is tap the lock button five times. Having instant access to emergency help in your pocket at all times is a huge reason why seniors buy technology, and its why smartphones make sense for baby boomers.

On top of that, one other way that smartphones make life easier for seniors is through GPS, one of the first major tech inventions that made transportation so much simpler. Though many baby boomers still use GPS though actual GPS devices, many are quickly transitioning to the convenience of smartphone navigation.

Wearable Tech for Baby Boomers

Technology also helps seniors stay healthy and track their health so they can stay on top of any abnormalities. Wearable technology is one of the smartest ways that seniors can constantly monitor different aspects of their health without getting daily doctor checkups.

The newest in Apple Watch technology is a great example of how wearables support senior health. First off, the Apple Watch and almost all other smart watches track your steps and your exercise time. The Watch also delivers notifications when an unusual heartbeat rate is detected, which can help baby boomers detect heart attacks early and get any medical attention necessary.

On top of that, it can detect when someone has had a hard fall and is immobile and will automatically call emergency services to help. This can be the difference between life and death for seniors in dangerous situations.

Tons of different smart watches have even more features to help baby boomers monitor health, including blood oxygen tracking and hand-washing reminders. It’s no surprise that wearable tech is growing extremely rapidly for the baby boomer generation.

Voice-Activated Tech

One of the great things about smartphones and their GPS systems is that it can all be done through voice-activation. Voice-activated tech takes away all of the difficulties with using technology; baby boomers that aren’t experienced with new tech can always find ways to make things work when they’re voice-activated. Smartphones use voice activation to show news, get directions, send messages, and open apps.

Other popular voice-activation devices include Amazon Alexa and Google Home. Though these devices are popular, some baby boomers are shying away from them due to a fear that they could invade their privacy.

Advancements in Hearing Aid Technology

Hearing aids have become more and more necessary as the baby boomer generation ages; luckily, advances in hearing aid tech continue to get better. Bluetooth technologies allow users to hook their smartphones up directly to their hearing aids, letting them talk on the phone with their friends and family even if they are hard of hearing.

Another cool feature that some new hearing aids have is AI, which can learn a user’s preferences and raise or lower volume depending on the environment that the user enters.

Online News and Shopping The majority of baby boomers use their technology for simple things like online news and shopping. Since their generation was known for reading paper newspapers and magazines, many have enjoyed the transition to having all of their favorite media available at the touch of their fingertips.

The majority of baby boomers use phones and computers to do their shopping for technology; this is because they like to have the chance to read through reviews and compare prices before making purchases. There are also baby boomers who have turned to voice-activated tech to make orders; it’s an easy way to order common household products and have them sent directly to their homes.

Final Thoughts

Overall, the focus of technology usage for the baby boomer generation is finding the most convenient, simple ways to do the tasks they enjoy. The sector is growing extremely rapidly, and there will be more and more seniors ready to purchase the advancing technology every day. Technology continues to make life easier for all those who are willing to learn and adapt to new experiences.

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