The Consumer Electronics Show (CES) is one week away and it is time to get ready. With 180,000 people attending I have my personal checklist to survive. Am I missing anything? What are your personal tricks to optimize CES?

Bring Comfortable and versatile Shoes – I am usually on my feet all day in addition to walking 25,000 steps.  This is a must!

Don’t Get Sick. Every year it seems like everyone gets the dreaded CES bug.  I make sure to come prepared with Sanitizer, Emergen-C, Wipes, and Kleenex.

Energy Boosters– I usually only eat breakfast and dinner at CES. I usually bring some Cliff bars to keep me fueled throughout the day. I would bring an energy shot to power on after midnight.

Portable Power – I usually use my phone constantly at CES trying to find meeting locations, or revising meeting times and locations. My phone will run out of juice by lunchtime. One tip I have is to charge your phone if you are in a meeting location with outlets.

Mints – Talking all week, and running around from meeting-to-meeting will definitely lead to some stale breath. I always keep some mints or gum with me.   

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